Who Are They Working For?


After months of being called the party of no. The House GOP has finally produced their own health care bill. The bill as expected is a far cry from that of both the Democratic House and Senate bills. The 230 page bill aims to lower health care costs but not increase coverage of the uninsured.

Unlike the Democratic bill the GOP's bill has no requirements for people to purchase health care insurance and according to Erica Warner of the AP there will be "no prohibitions against insurance companies denying coverage to people with pre-existing medical conditions."


The bill comes after months of intense debates on Capital Hill and Augusts Town Hall meetings. After months of being called the party of "NO" the GOP is hoping that their bill can make some kind of mark on the current process. However with such a watered down bill on both sides it is becoming clearly evident that neither side is really on the peoples side.

The Democrats and Obama were elected with the promise of Universal Health Care clearly at the forefront of last years elections. However the GOP has caused road blocks with constant attacks on Democrats for "out of control spending". No matter what side you may fall on everyone should agree that the current climate in Washington has become a poisoned partisan mess.

Both sides seem more interested and content in gaining small political victories at the cost of substance and team work. On the Democratic side the final bill likely won't have a public option yet they want to mandate citizens to pay for health insurance.

On the GOP side of the isle Republicans are trying to show that they are physically opposed to the costs of the Bill but at the same time maintain that they agree there needs to be reform. Yet once again it is a give and take. The GOP are opposed to insurance mandates but at the same time seem content to let insurance companies further their practice of denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

It is becoming clearly evident that neither side plans on playing ball with each other. So the question I have for everyone is why are we still playing ball with them?


Anonymous said...

The writing was transparent to the content. Precisely as it should be.

Still can't figure out how the GOP plan is suppsoed to lower costs. Let me guess. Tort reform. Maybe to the InsCos and the providers. I just can't believe they will share the wealth with me.

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