It's about to be Obama's war

By Cody Nagel

The News:

Word was leaked today that the Obama Administration is gearing up to announce a plan to increase the troop levels in Afghanistan by 34,000 starting in March 2011. The plan is estimated to cost roughly $700 billion to $1 trillion over the next 10 years. The war already in its ninth year has become a hot button issue with public support heavily declining within the past year.

Cody Nagel's Take:
President Bush owns the Iraq war and now President Obama will own the Afghanistan war. Even against popular opinion President Obama is ready to take ownership of the grave yard of empires. I'm shocked but I guess I really shouldn't be. After all time and time again during the campaign Obama claimed the war in Afghanistan was the war of necessity. I have to honestly admit though that I never thought Obama really meant it. I thought it was just a cheap political ploy for moderate votes. It seems as if the President is finally ready to deliver on one of his campaign promises.

The health care debate is still up in the air due mostly to political backlash against the plans price tag of $1 Trillion over 10 years. Sad as it is I almost find it ironic that the increase in troops is set to cost basically the same exact amount of money over a 10 year period as the health care bill. It makes me wonder if the Republicans will say the war will cost too much. I would put my money on the them supporting the war all the way, I also put my money on the Democrats putting up little to no resistance just like they did before the Iraq war.

Sadly no cost seems to be too high for the war machine that has become the US Military presence around the world. On the bright side maybe this will make all of us Liberals, Conservatives, and Independents finally agree on something. Stopping this war. I think we should all agree this money is better spent at home. Lets just hope our leaders get the message.


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